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GI Threaded Rods

A threaded rod, also called a stud, is a rod with a helical structure that comes in different lengths. The threading around and along the rod produces rotational movements when in use, giving it a similar appearance to a screw.

GI full Threaded rods

offer a robust resistance to pressure by combining rotational and linear movement.

There are numerous uses for threaded rods; they essentially function as a pin to join or fasten two materials together. We provide a variety of threaded rod types, each suitable for various materials, conditions, and applications. Because of the excellent resistance that the threading offers, they are frequently used to align structures or embedded in materials like concrete. When strong grasp power is needed along the whole length of the rod, we typically recommend using the fully threaded rod that we provide. Typically, our threaded rods are made of stainless steel or heavy-duty galvanized zinc plating.

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